Fontini Garby Decor

Fontini Garby Decor

Carefully combining selected natural materials: wood, ceramics and metal, the Fontini design brings you back to the early 20th century, capturing the careless and elegant spirit between two world conflicts. Garby recreates the charm of old times with an authentic design. Its porcelain body and traditional key bring a touch of nostalgia, originality and some old-world charm to the modern home. You could choose between wood or porcelain keys and blue or brown patterns. Some porcelain & wood frames especially designed for this range could also bring more authenticity to this product. Surface installation. Manufactured with porcelain and technical thermoplastic materials. Wood and porcelain frames.

Technical data

Available finishes of the mechanisms:

White porcelain – white porcelain knob,
White porcelain – white porcelain retro knob,
White porcelain – old wood knob,
White porcelain – honey wood knob,
Black porcelain – black porcelain knob,
Black porcelain – black porcelain retro knob,
Black porcelain – old wood knob.

Available finishes of the frames:
Natural, Honey, Old wood.

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