Elvox Wide Touch series

 A range of products with technical characteristics and functions that can satisfy every need and taste.

Colour display.

7 inch screen. The images are visible in colour

with ultra-high definition.


Touch screen.

Simple, rapid management using the touch
display and back-lit LED capacitive keypad:
just a few simple touches to select the

Easy programming.

Flexible menu: users can customise the various
controls and intercom calls with the function names.
The installer menu is used to programme the most important
functions. And the system programming can be saved on a PC.



Available in black or white with polished finish.


Technical data

Main specifications
• Power supply: Due Fili Plus two-wire Bus.
• Input for additional power supply (6923): touch screen controlled
video door entry functions.
• 7" TFT LCD touch screen display, 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio.
• ABS thermoplastic cover.
• Backlit soft-touch keypad.
• Stylus pen for touch screen.
• Removable terminal block for connection to system.
• Electronic ringtone.
• Input for landing call with ringtone sound different from entrance
panel and intercom ringtone.
• Output for additional ringtone 860A or relay 0170/101.
• Option of connecting a camera direct to the monitor.
• Option of flush wall mount, desk-top base (7311), or surface
wall mount with standard fixing bracket (7321).
• Dimensions (7311): 204 x 174 x 18 mm + 40.5 mm.
• Dimensions (7321): 204 x 174 x 34 mm.


Compatible with:
Elvox 5700 series
Elvox Pixel series
Elvox 1300 series
Elvox 1200 series
Elvox 1200 reinforced series
Elvox 1200 posts series
Elvox 8000 series
Elvox Patavium series
Elvox Inox flat series




Internal intercoms Elvox Wide Touch series
Internal intercoms Elvox Wide Touch series