Elvox Patavium series

The timeless classic. Brass or stainless steel, it's up to you. Flush mounting cover plates with high technological performance marked by a style that blends in with all kinds of living contexts, from historical to modern buildings. Patavium series have LED backlighting for push buttons and name plates. Alongside the standard version, cover plates with special finish are available to offer additional customisation of video door entry system outdoor panels with a range of modules, four colour variants (brushed brass, polished brass, raw brass and steel grey), six different installation methods and the possibility to reproduce logos, symbols and trade marks with top precision.

Technical data

Technical data 13T4 13T7
Power supply from Bus min. voltage 24 Vdc min. voltage 24 Vdc
Sensor - 1/4"
Absorption stand-by 120 mA 120 mA
Max absorption operation 320 mA 320 mA
Minimum lighting - 1.0 lux
Operating temperature -10 °C to +55 °C -10 °C to +55 °C
Camera adjustment - manual
Additional power supply with 6923 with 6923
Option of using additional power supply 6923 where necessary (Bus voltage at entrance
panel terminals 1 and 2 registering < 24 Vdc)

Compatible with:
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