Elvox Inox Flat series

The Inox Flat series has an alphanumeric keypad with high-efficiency LED backlighting, and is made from AISI 316 stainless steel suited for flush mounting. Essential and minimalist, the Inox Flat series is characterised by limited protrusion from the wall, with a totally flat profile that exudes confidence and easy use.

Technical data

Main specifications:
• Electronic unit with alphanumeric display.
• Cover plate made of grade 316 stainless steel.
• Flush-mounting sheet metal back box, galvanized.
• Alphanumeric keypad for making calls, exploring the electronic index, and configuring basic and advanced parameters of the electronic unit.
• Indication of "BUSY - PLEASE WAIT" message and operating steps on panel display.
• Electronic index with memory capacity for 1000 users (2 names of 16 characters each, per user).
• 13I4/K and 13I7/K with 1 backlit card showing 13 names.
• Audio external unit with sound balance control provided by trimmers and internal and external volume levels, via configuration menu.
• 13I7 and 13I7/K with built-in colour camera with 1/4" sensor, minimum lighting 1.0 lux, user name backlit by white light Led, manual pan/tilt adjustment.
• 13I4 and 13I4/K with inputs/outputs for connection and control of external camera, in configuration as video electronic unit.
• Power supply from Due Fili Plus Bus.
• Input for additional power supply (6923).
• Output for activation of electric lock (peak current IT > 1 A for 10 mS followed by holding current IM = 200mA for as long as the lock control remains active).
• 2 outputs for activation of 2 relays 0170/001 operating auxiliary services.
• Input for door open sensor.
• Input for activation of lock by remote control.
• Removable terminal block for connection to system.
• Operating temperature 0 to +40 °C.
• Dimensions of 2-module cover plate: 130x307.5x4 mm
• Dimensions of 2-module back box: 101.6x271x54.8 mm
• Dimensions of 3-module cover plate: 130x408x4 mm
• Dimensions of 3-module back box: 101.6x376x54.8 mm



Compatible with:
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