Elvox 8000 series

Square shapes and simple lines characterise this highly flexible and modular product. The 8000 series comes in the colour variants light grey, sable grey, anthracite and brushed aluminium, suited to any residential context. The 8000 series is made from 18/10 thick extruded aluminium, knock-proof technopolymer front mask with non-scratch finish, resistant to UV rays and aggressive solvents. The series includes different types of modules which, installed on the module holder frame, form the cover plate that best suits the customers' needs.

Technical data

Video entrance panel main specifications:
• Modules and frames made of extruded and painted aluminium.
• Buttons moulded from transparent engineering polymer with protective stainless steel cap.
• Module for video units, with scratch-resistant and non-reflective hemispherical lens.
• Degree IP33.
• Dimensions of 2-module cover plate: 101x271 mm
• Dimensions of 3-module cover plate: 101x383 mm

Compatible with:
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