Elvox 5700 series

 Cutting-edge technology with evolved design and functions to ensure extra-easy use. 

Colour display.

A clear vision guaranteed by the 3.5’’

LCD colour display.


Intuitive functions.

With clear controls and intuitive symbols,

the chosen functions are easy to set and


Hands-free loudspeaker.

Really practical to use, with the hands-free
function of the loudspeaker and excellent
message transmission.



Available in black or white with coordinated
cover plate.


Technical data

Main specifications:
• Power supply: Due Fili Plus two-wire Bus.
• Input for additional power supply (6923), allowing simultaneous start‑up of more than two internal units.
• 3.5” LCD colour display.
• ABS thermoplastic cover.
• Keypad with 4 buttons assigned fixed functions and 4 buttons with variable functions, allowing access to internal menus: settings, configuration, auxiliary functions, brightness control, volume control, microphone Off, navigation.
• On-screen indication of monitor operating status (e.g. video call, audio call, intercom call, configuration, microphone Off, door open, ringtone mute, user away).
• Electronic ringtone.
• Input for landing call with ringtone sound different from entrance panel and intercom ringtone.
• Output for additional ringtone 860A or relay 0170/101.
• Flush wall mounting with 8 module Vimar V71318 back box.
• Dimensions: 162x145.5 mm + 25.5 mm.

Internal intercoms Elvox 5700 series
Internal intercoms Elvox 5700 series