Colour video kit 7211/KA

Technical data

No. of door entry calls/users: 1
Technology: Due Fili Plus
Video unit series: 6600
Video unit art. Code: 1x6611
Installation: flush mounting
No. of buttons: 8+6
Colour: white
Display size (mm):LCD 3,5" colour
Video unit dimensions (mm) 141x139x10
Flush mounting box size (mm) 136x136x59
Cover plate serie: 1200
Cover plate composition art. Code: 1x1221+1x9192
Installation: flush mounting
No. of buttons: 1
Colour: stainless steel
Cover plate size (mm): 280x100x22
Flush mounting box size (mm): 98x254x50
Electronic unit: 13F5
Power supply/transformer: 6922
Power supply: 110V-240V, 50Hz-60Hz
For DIN (60715 TH35) rail, 17.5 mm sized: 8-module